Scorecard errors

While adding the scores into the computer for the Winter Eclectic Round 1 on 9/4/16, there were 9 scorecards with errors, out of 30 eligible

5 cards had the wrong points calculated on one or more holes, usually on the stroke hole nearest handicap, eg on stroke hole 16 for 15 handicapper

3 cards had the wrong player handicap, resulting in wrong points being calculated.
Handicaps change every two weeks, please check your handicaps before every round.

1 card had an incorrect gross score due to a 5 looking like a 7.
Make your writing legible !!

A scorecard needs:

  • Date, event.
  • Players and marker name, handicap index, course handicap.
  • Hole scores and points.
  • 9 and 18 hole totals, added correctly.
  • Results: Gross, Handicap, Nett, Par or Stableford points, twos.
  • Course the Player played on, Men or Women, White or Yellow tees.
  • Player and Markers signature.
  • Haggle, optional

If you don’t do everything correctly, you can be disqualified.

This is what a scorecard should look like: