Rules refresher: Matchplay – Order of play

With the Interclub season here and the handicap Matchplay (Meares, Foote, Hagley Cups) about to start, a quick reminder as to Order of Play.
Rule 10-1 is for Match Play, Rule 10-2 is for Stroke Play.

10-1 Match Play

a. When Starting Play of Hole

The side that has the honour at the first teeing ground is determined by the order of the draw. In the absence of a draw, the honour should be decided by lot.

The side that wins a hole takes the honour at the next teeing ground. If a hole has been halved, the side that had the honour at the previous teeing ground retains it.

b. During Play of Hole

After both players have started play of the hole, the ball farther from the hole is played first. If the balls are equidistant from the hole or their positions relative to the hole are not determinable, the ball to be played first should be decided by lot.

c. Playing Out of Turn

If a player plays when his opponent should have played, there is no penalty, but the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the stroke so made and, in correct order, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5).

The tee times / draw for the Meares, Foote Hagley Cups is here. The players with lower qualifying score appear first on the draw and therefore are given the honour on the first hole, according to rule 10-1(a).