Interclub 2017/2018, Draw and Venues for Metro and Presidents

MetroDatevsat CourseResultPosition
Round 110/9/17ChristchurchHagleyW 7-11st=, 1st on games
Round 224/9/17TempletonTempletonL 6.5-1.52nd=, 5th on games
Round 38/10/17ClearwaterClearwaterL 5-36th
Round 429/10/17RawhitiHagleyW 5.5-2.53rd
Round 512/11/17RussleyHagleyW 6-21st=, 2nd on games
Round 626/11/17EvergladesHagleyW 7-11st=, 2nd on games
Round 710/12/17HarewoodHarewoodW 5-31st=, 2nd on games
Round 87/1/18Bye3rd=, 3rd on games
Round 928/1/18Waimairi BeachHagley
Round 1018/2/18WaitikiriWaitikiri
Round 1125/2/18Bottle LakeBottle Lake
Round 1211/3/18CoringaHagley
Round 1325/3/18AvondaleWaitikiri
Semi Final8/4/18TBC

** some teams have unplayed matches, may effect overall position.
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PresidentsDatevsat CourseResultPosition
Round 13/9/17EvergladesEvergladesW 4.5-3.55th (1st= on points)
Round 217/9/17HarewoodHarewoodL 7.5-0.510th (4th= on points)
Round 31/10/17RawhitiRawhitiL 4.5-3.510th
Round 529/10/17AvondaleHagleyL 4.5-3.513th
Round 619/11/17ChristchurchHagleyD 4-413th
Round 710/12/17CoringaCoringaL 6-214th
Round 4Was 15/10/17
now 7/1/18
TempletonHagleyto be played 7/1/18
Round 814/1/18WaitikiriWaitikiri
Round 928/1/18McLeans IslandMcLeans Island
Round 1018/2/18RussleyHagley
Round 114/3/18Waimairi BeachHagley
Round 1225/3/18Bottle LakeHagley
Round 138/4/18ClearwaterClearwater
Semi Final29/4/18TBC

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