Golf Rules 2019

On 1.1.2019 the rules of golf are changing.
The rule changes are designed to make the rules easier to understand.

Players / members.

All players and club members will need to learn the rules. Here is what you can do:

  • Pick up your free Players Edition of the new rules from the Clubhouse.
  • Download the 2019 Rules of Golf App (available on iOS and Android)
  • Have a look at the rules videos created by the R&A
  • Have a look at the R&A website

Course / Local rules.

The local rules for HGC will need to be updated. They will be published once they are finalised.

Ready Golf.

In stroke play, players are encouraged to play ‘Ready Golf’ (Rule 5.6b) in a safe and responsible way.
This means that even if it is not your turn, you may play if it is safe to do so.
On the tee
If you arrive at the next tee, even if it is not your honour, whoever is ready should play. Longer hitters may need to wait until the group ahead are out of range, so players who do not hit their drive as far should hit off first. First to play should record the scores from the previous hole after their drive.
During the hole
When playing a hole, usually players further away will play first. If another player is delayed, they may be waiting for a ruling or looking for a ball, if you are ready, even if nearer the green, you can hit. Make sure you keep clear of the players behind you, or this may defeat the purpose of Ready Golf as they will have to wait for you to get out of the way.