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Saturday 27/6/20

Top Dogs draw updated 3/7/20 Quarter finals 13 Peter Sullivan + Peter Allsop def 12 Deb McGuigan + Margaret Grace2 Jason Matthews + Jason Carter def 7 Murray Smith + Rory Smith Semi final draw13 Peter Sullivan + Peter Allsop…
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Saturday 23/5/20

Div 1: (0-16)1st: Peter McGrath 43 points2nd: Jason Matthews 403rd: Phil Potter 39 Div 2: (17+)1st: Earl Robinson 382nd: Murray Smith 373rd: Debra McGuigan 36 Nearest the pin: Joan KielyLowest outright score on 12: jackpotHaggle: 4,15,18 8pts jackpotNet Eagle: jackpotBirdie:…
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Saturday 16/5/20

With introduction of World Handicap System, the cut-off point for each Division had been lowered Div 1: (0-12)1st: Hamish Galloway 39 points2nd: Phil Potter 383rd: J Matthews 38 Div 2: (13-18)1st: Jason Carter 362nd: Roger Brechin 363rd: Barry Baker 36…
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