Saturday 23/4/16, Top Dogs qualifying, SWC r2

There were 9 scorecard errors today, all players should check their handicap before playing.
Today was the qualifying round for the Top Dogs 2016, the matchplay draw is here.
The round also doubled as the Streaker, Warwick, Christopher, Ladies Cups, 2016, round 2, progress results here

Div 1: (0-15)
1st: P Sullivan net 68
2nd: J Matthews 69
3rd: S McKenzie 70

Div 2: (16-24)
1st: M Hamblet 65
2nd: F Moore 68
3rd: G Osborne 68
4th: B Maw 70
5th: D Clearwater 70

Div 3 (25+)
1st: L Swart 68
2nd: C Tulisi 68
3rd: A Cortiga 69

Nearest the pin:
Haggle: 9pts jackpot
Net Eagle:
Birdie: jackpot
2s: none