Saturday 12/1/19 Opening Day Salver


Opening Day Salver winners Scott Schoormans 46pts and Ofa Tuilotolava 43pts, total 89 points

Div 1: (0-15)
1st: N Yardeni 40 points
2nd: P Potter 39
3rd: L Smyth 38

Div 2: (16-24)
1st: J Tonner 41
2nd: J Huang 40
3rd: J Holdaway 38

Div 3 (25+)
1st: S Schoormans 46
2nd: G Matthews 43
3rd: O Tuilotolave 43

Nearest the pin: S McKenzie
Longest Putt: Hamish Galloway
Haggle: 9pts, Lynsay Armstrong
Net Eagle: jackpot
Birdie: jackpot
2s: S McKenzie