2021 Trophies

Club ChampionshipsGradeWinner
Harris CupOpen Championship
HW McGregor RosebowlOpen Championship Runner up
Penfold CupIntermediate A Championship
EG McGregor CupIntermediate A Championship Runner up
Intermediate B Championship
Intermediate B Championship Runner Up
Hagley CupJunior A Championship
WM Maxwell MemorialJunior A Championship Runner Up
Vincent CupJunior B Championship
Junior B TrophyJunior B Championship Runner Up
Womens Intermediate CupWomens Intermediate
Womens Intermediate Runner Up
Womens Junior CupWomens Junior
Womens Junior Runner Up

Opening Day SalverBarry Baker and Joe Austin 79pts
Gaylene Matthews and John Hoskins 79pts
Presidents Cup (2 person Ambrose) Martin Visser & Janr Dore net 59
Easter Trophy (team Stableford)
Top Dogs
Meares Cup (Mens Senior, handicap matchplay)
Foote Cup (Mens Intermediate, handicap matchplay)
Hagley Cup (Mens Junior, handicap matchplay)
Womens Cup (handicap matchplay)
Sydney Cup (3 player teams, matchplay)
Matthew Straker Memorial Cup (best 5 out of 7 rounds, Senior)
Warwick Cup (best 5 out of 7 rounds, Intermediate)
Christopher Cup (best 5 out of 7 rounds, Junior)
Ladies Trophy (best 5 out of 7 rounds)
Walter Kelly Cup (right handers)
Summers Cup (mixed combined stableford)
Southpaw Shield (left handers)
Yardley Trophy (for services to the Club)
O M Kitto (Winter Eclectic)
Bean Cup (Best par round)
Eric Sopp Cup (Irons only - best stroke)
Lady Dennison Trophy
Presidents v Captains Team
Thompson Cup (mixed American Foursome)