Saturday morning is Club Day at Hagley Golf Club, the course is usually full with club members. With this in mind, the Hagley Golf Club committee recommends that on Saturdays green fee players do not start until midday in the winter (April to September), and 11am in the summer (October to March). This means the course will have fewer players and you will be able to enjoy your round without having to give way to club members.

Hire and Play Package

Visitor to Christchurch? Don’t have your own clubs? We have a great package for you!
Hire clubs + trundler + balls and tees + a round of golf, just $35.
At this price, you don’t have to play 18 holes. If you only have a couple of hours to spare, play just 9 or 12 holes, still a great deal at $35.

Green Fees

Come and play golf at Hagley, anytime.

Green Fees - 12 holes, NZ resident, $25.00
Date you are playing:
Green Fees - 18 holes, NZ resident, $35.00
Date you are playing:

Green Fee Discount Card

If you like to play on a regular basis, then may be you should consider our Discount Cards. They offer you 5 rounds of golf for the price of 4 rounds. That’s right if you pay for 4 rounds then the 5th is on the house. These are available from the shop at Hagley Golf Club.
12 hole discount Cards $100.00
18 hole discount Cards $140.00