Par Round, how to score

With this weekend (16/7/16) being a Par round, time for a refresher how to score a Par round.

A Par round is Matchplay against the card with handicap.

If you are on a 23 handicap, you receive 23 strokes, 2 strokes on the hardest 5 holes and 1 stroke on the other holes.
The hardest hole for men, at Hagley, is the 5th hole. It is a par 4 and with 2 strokes your “Par” is 6.
So on the 5th hole, for a 23 handicap player, if you score:

  • better than 6 (3, 4, or 5), you win that hole and record a +
  • a 6, you halve the hole and record a 0
  • worse than six, you lose the hole and record a –

At the end of the round, add up the +’s and -‘s, if you have three +’s and five -‘s, then your Par score is -2, or 2 down.

Below is an example of a scorecard showing how to record a Par round.
The player in this example is on a 14 handicap, so the easiest 4 holes were marked X to assist the Marker to show no strokes are received by the Player received on those holes.
The final score was -4 (4 down), which is put into the Stbfd/Par box in the Scoring section at the top of the card.