Membership Special

New Members Special!!

Download a 2016 Membership Form

Full 12 Month Membership from $299

If you have been looking to join a club but just cant afford the cost here is a deal for you!!
The First Year for just $299
The Second Year for just $399
The third year you finally pay the full membership
That’s 2 years of very cheap golf. Act Now!!
This offer is only open to new members of Hagley Golf Club and will run for 12 months from date of purchase.

Associate Plus (pay as you Play)

For those that don’t get out as often as they would like we have another new option.
This will give you a full membership with all the rights of full membership but you will be required to pay a small fee every time you play on the course.
You pay $199.00 upfront membership then $12.00 each time you play.
Great for those that want to retain their membership but just don’t have enough time to play on a regular basis.
Just call into the shop or down load the application form and you are half way there.