Ambrose is usually played in teams of four.

Each player in the team tees off, one ball is selected and a marker is placed to mark the position. All the other players in the team pick up their ball and play from the marked position.

After everyone has played again, one ball is selected and marked, all players play from this new position. This is repeated until the hole is completed.

In a team of 4, each person must have 4 of their tee shots used during the round, even though it may not be the ball in the best position. The persons whose tee shot is used must be recorded on the scorecard.

For example, Adam, Brent, Craig and David play together, if Adams tee shot is used in the first hole, the scorecard should have Adam or A written on the hole.

In a team of 3, each person must have 5 tee shots used.
In a team of 5, each person must have 3 tee shots used.

A teams handicap is found by adding up all the players handicaps and dividing the total by 8 (with 4 players in a team), 10 (with 5 players), 6 (with 3 players).