Cycleway widening in Hagley Park

Work on the Hagley Park section of the Uni-cycle cycleway will commence on Monday 18th April, and will take about 8 weeks to complete.

There will be disruption to the golf course.

  1. A temporary fence encroaching onto the edge of the course (about 4 metres from the path) will be erected to allow the trucks to operate and will go from the Matai Street entrance through to Armagh Street.
  2. Trucks will be crossing from the Croquet Club area onto the course along the gully through No. 12 & No. 10 .
  3. There will be only one crossing point near the club house which will affect e.g. access from No. 9 green to No. 10 tee
  4. Depending on weather (if very wet) they may have to bring in shingle to stabilise truck movement.

The biggest disruption will be having to shift the tee blocks on No. 10. Where they are sited will need to be determined by the Committee. Fulton Hogan will assist in this. Another issue will require golfers to use common sense and wait for the trucks to cross the area.
UNICYCLE 10-11-12 Hagley
UniCycle in Hagley Park