2022 Trophies

Club ChampionshipsGradeWinner
Harris CupOpen Championship
HW McGregor RosebowlOpen Championship Runner up
Joyce Latham CupIntermediate A Championship
EG McGregor CupIntermediate A Championship Runner up
GH Hall CupIntermediate B Championship
JH Stringer CupIntermediate B Championship Runner Up
Hagley CupJunior A Championship
WM Maxwell MemorialJunior A Championship Runner Up
Vincent CupJunior B Championship
Junior B TrophyJunior B Championship Runner Up
Womens Intermediate CupWomens Intermediate
Womens Intermediate Runner Up
Womens Junior CupWomens Junior A
Womens Junior A Runner Up
Womens Junior B
Womens Junior B Runner Up

Opening Day Salver. Combined stableford.
Presidents Cup. 2-3 person Ambrose.
Bean Cup, Best par round
Easter Trophy
Birthday Trophy. Ambrose
Top Dogs. 4 Ball Best Ball
Lady Dennison Trophy, 2 person Ambrose
Matthew Straker Memorial Cup, best 5 out of 7 rounds, Senior
Warwick Cup, best 5 out of 7 rounds, Intermediate
Christopher Cup, best 5 out of 7 rounds, Junior
Ladies Trophy, best 5 out of 7 rounds
Meares Cup. Mens Senior, handicap matchplay.
Foote Cup. Mens Intermediate, handicap matchplay.
Hagley Cup. Mens Junior, handicap matchplay.
Sydney Cup. 3 player teams, handicap matchplay.
Penfold Cup. Handicap matchplay.
Summers Cup, mixed combined stableford
Southpaw Shield, left handers
Walter Kelly Cup, right handers
Yardley Trophy, for services to the Club
O M Kitto, Winter Eclectic, best stableford on each hole, 6 rounds.
Eric Sopp Cup, Irons only - best stroke
Presidents v Captains Team
Thompson Cup, mixed American Foursome, 12 hole, Closing Day
Ray Dench Plate, Mens American Foursome, 12 hole, Closing Day
Knockout winner
Knockout runner-up
Plate winner
Plate runner-up
Consolation winner
Consolation runner-up