Saturday 8/9/18, Meares Foote Hagley Womens Cups, semifinals.

Foote Cup
SF: B Grant def J Tonner
SF: M Robertson def J Tonner

Hagley Cup
SF: P Mukhia def B Cleave

Womens Cup
SF: M Grace def G Matthews
SF: J Dore def D McGuigan

Draw for Meares, Foote, Hagley, Ladies Cups, matchplay with handicaps.

Others, Stableford

Div 1: (0-15)
1st: P McGrath 38pts
2nd: R King 37

Div 2: (16-24)
1st: B Grant 44 !!!!!
2nd: A Upritchard 41
3rd: G Osborne 39

Div 3 (25+)
1st: M Smith 37
2nd: M Grace 34

Nearest the pin: M Robertson
Haggle: 3,6,12 9pts jackpot
Net Eagle: jackpot
Birdie: jackpot
2s: R King, B Grant, B Cameron